Pain Improvement For Cancer Patients

The University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine released research in March, 2009 reporting on the benefits for advanced cancer patients from Massage Therapy compared to simple touch.

The study,
a multi-site randomized clinical trial, included 380 patients with advanced cancer, 90% of those patients residing in Hospice Care.

The patients were given six 30 minute massage sessions or simple touch sessions, for those contraindicated for massage pressure, over a two week period.

The primary outcome of the study showed “immediate and sustained” change in pain while the secondary outcome revealed “immediate” change in mood.

Immediate change was also found in heart and respiratory rates including a sustained change in quality of life and over all symptom distress.

The final conclusion for this study reveals Massage Therapy may have “immediately beneficial effects” on pain and mood among patients with advanced cancer including the potential benefits of attention and simple touch that should be considered for this part of our population.