Something Special

The Giliberto Technique

For over a year LondonShiatsu has advertised that we offer the Giliberto Technique without actually telling you what that meant.Perhaps I thought it would pique people’s curiosity and they’d ask.To date, no one has.So here goes… My Dad was highly decorated WW2 hero- the first segment of Saving Private Ryan was his unit’s story as told to Steven Spielberg’s historian Stephen AmbroseDad came home with 5 Purple Hearts meaning he was badly wounded 5 times.His last military parachute jump in the late 1940s with the 82nd Airborne was a bit of a disaster.His parachute collapsed and he fell 600 feet breaking his back.It left him in agony for a good deal of my child hood.

He suffered with sciatica to the nth degree periodically for decades (which may be why I’ve spent so much time mastering the treatment of sciatica helping people live without pain)

In our hometown town of Bethpage Long Island there was an extraordinary healer – Dr. Sal Giliberto D.C who my Dad saw off and on for decades.

Sal believed that the body could heal itself given the right help and direction

As a child I’d go with my Dad and sit in the treatment room while Sal worked.

He’d glide around the body  as he worked. Did I say that  already?

Sal would chatter-away in from what’s new with you, to politics, local events, until it seemed as if he was just babbling, he wasn’t.

Rhythmic buildup Soothing then Provocative then “what’s this man talking about?”After a few minutes your head the patient would just “go out”!Trance!

His treatment was spot on, always.

As years passed I wondered about how he was so successful helping people to live without pain.Straight in and the pain it’s gone! Years later I found I was doing something very similar to Sal during Shiatsu treatment sessions.

What Sal was doing intentionally or not was inducing a light trance in his patient and himself, dissolving resistance and the separation between patient and therapist.

This is exactly what Japanese Tao Shiatsu sensei,Endo Ryuku means when he writes ” the healer becomes one with God/Nature and one with the patient so bringing the patient one with God/Nature” so that real healing can occur

In certain circles chat in healing sessions is frowned on. Me time and all that

After years  only  relatively recently I realized what Doctor Giliberto was doing what I now know  are hypnotic inductions widely used in systems like neuro-linguistic programming to speed relaxation, help with fear , anxiety and pain.


This local man had discovered a way to help his patients heal more effectively.He was one of the most unpretentious health professionals I ever met.

For years I wondered how he did it/One day it dawned the Source – watching this amazing this man, as a childhelping my Dad overcome a war full of pain.

I realized after 2 decades of using the method without knowing why, I’ve started to work with it consciously and deliberately.It accelerates your relaxation in a session and allows changes to be more rapid and more lasting.