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Testimonials for MPT

“Just like to say big thank you for the new treatment MPT trial ,my knees felt looser and pain free,my neck much more relaxed and added movement,being a circus performer and cycle racer for the last 20 years I know my body well and can tell changes instantly.
This new treatment diffently has a place in my maintainace department .Pity it can’t treat my dyslexia !”
Phil Shee

“The MPT treatment seemed to be VERY effective FYI”
“The MPT was interesting and also effective. It was penetrating some deep areas in my lower back RHS and the

work of the R knee also seemed deep and effective in the short term. I think I would need a number of sessions to notice long term improvement in my tight scar tissue from the kung fu injury 20 years ago.”

Overall my experience was that it was somewhere in-between acupuncture and Shiatsu. It didn’t quite have the ‘electrical’ snap of acupuncture but it was more localized and I felt a sharper penetration of energy than the Shiatsu. In the seated position in particular I felt it really getting to the point of pain but had no residual soreness in an area that as you know is very tight.

What I love about the Shiatsu however is the overall sense of energy flow that one experiences all over the body and the sense of tranquility and balance that is restored. I also think in some respects the hand is more healing or than the device, especially if that hand is one as experienced as yours.

It seems to me that the MPT is a great option for deeper therapy in areas that are problematic or have received trauma.
JH cinematographer