healing shiatsu with mpt

Healing Shiatsu with MPT is a therapeutic method of shifting a person’s entire body from a state of pain and imbalance to a place of flexibility, strength and freedom from previous pain.

This is a process,not a goal. Following a detailed initial consultation, I employ shiatsu massage therapy alongside mind-body methods and cutting edge Microcurrent Positional Tuina(MPT) .

In every session you  begin to experience genuine relief, gently moving towards a state of balance.

Your ability to work through chronic blockages is established, allowing release from painful  restrictions and obsolete  habit patterns.

Careful attention is paid to the ongoing integration of body and mind,arriving at a state of deep relaxation,vitality and ease.

Shiatsu with MPT can re-awaken  the possibility that we are designed to be self healing  and can help move  that intention into reality.