website profileRobert Mazzara has been a shiatsu therapist and healer for more than 25 years following a life-long fascination with healing, bodywork and Oriental medicine.

His passion for shiatsu began after it transformed his life following a particularly difficult experience. While recovering from a life-threatening illness,Heexperienced first hand the powerful healing effect of shiatsu and set out on a mission to help others experience the same thing.

He trained at the British School of Shiatsu and having studied Shiatsu Theory & Practice. He then served a traditional apprenticeship with Sensei Michael Rose, the man responsible for bringing shiatsu to the UK from Japan.

He completed more than 3,000 patient treatment sessions during the five year apprenticeship. He has gone on to help many more people deal with a range of challenges to their health, including major illness and end of life care.

He specialises in offering treatment at LondonShiatsu to help patients with a broad range of conditions such
Through a dedicated and fully supportive treatment plan at Shiatsu London he is able to relieve pain and restore well-being.

He is well known for his powerful shiatsu therapy in the world of performing arts, having treated stars of the stage and screen including Boy George, Caroline Quentin, Daniel Radcliffe, Norman Cook,Toby Jones,Branford Marsalis and Ashley Slater among others.

As well as being an expert in Shiatsu Massage Therapy, he is also a qualified Reiki practitioner and Auricular Acupuncture Detox specialist and experienced practitioner of traditional cupping and moxibustion
He is able to offer these treatments alongside shiatsu in London and New York.

He’s also the only practitioner in the UK currently offering Microcurrent Positional Tuina (MPT) – an entirely new and complete treatment method to target pain using safe microcurrent electricity and combining elements of acupuncture, and shiatsu.

Highly experienced and committed with a genuine passion for helping his patients through times of stress, worry and physical and emotional pain.



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