Frequently Asked Questions

Thinking about having a shiatsu treatment session?

Here’s what you can expect.

Shiatsu Massage Therapy Sessions are done fully clothed.

The shiatsu session takes place on a very comfortable futon mattress on the floor.
Your session will generally last from 60-90 minutes.
At your first session we’ll take a detailed case history, so allow a bit more time.
Your feedback is very important both during and after your shiatsu treatment session.
Feel free to speak up- it’s your time and your body! If something feels good say so;if its not quite right say so as well.
Shiatsu sessions will vary according to your specific needs, and we will work on the whole body, not just the problem areas.
Each shiatsu session uses techniques intended to improve the flow of Ki in your body.
These may be energising or relaxing or both- and can include assisted stretching,joint manipulation,sustained -sometimes very light and soft and sometimes quite powerful ( but always safe)
The techniques will vary based on what you need today.
Pressure will be applied to specific meridians and acupuncture points using thumb and finger pressure,as well as elbows knees and feet.
Techniques- such as sotai- may also be used to correct structural imbalances,and to help support good posture.
After your shiatsu session, you’ll have a chance to rest quietly,followed by a short chat about what you experienced and what I observed during your session.
We’ll discuss simple things you can do on your own to enhance the value of the treatment until our next session.
Effects of your shiatsu treatment session will normally be felt immediately and for a few days after.
Normally you will feel relaxed and energised- often quite ‘blissed out’! The effect is sometimes delayed and you feel a “wave of relaxation” several hours after you leave the studio.
Occasionally there may be healing reactions due to re-alignment of your body,the release of ‘blocked ki’ and toxins – these are short-lived and a sign that changes are occurring.
Although benefit can be gained from a single treatment, a course of treatments will be more effective as Shiatsu has a ‘cumulative’ effect.
The frequency of sessions will vary with each person – Shiatsu is not a ‘quick fix’, (see MPT page) chronic conditions will take more time to resolve.
After your first session we’ll discuss a plan that fits your needs, lifestyle and budget.
How Many Treatments Will I Need?
Whether shiatsu or MPT  can treat a patient effectively is dependent upon the following factors:
If shiatsu or MPT  is an appropriate treatment for the condition
The severity and duration of the condition
Your overall health and fitness
Your willingness to do some simple “homework” gentle corrective exercises and simple lifestyle changes
The number of treatments necessary will vary between individuals.
10-15% of patients respond very rapidly to shiatsu and MPT need very few treatments.
The other 85-90% respond more slowly and will notice continued, gradual improvement over time.
More severe, chronic and long-standing problems tend to require more treatments while minor problems of short duration may require only a few treatments.
An initial course of six treatments usually determines the effectiveness of treatment.
Ideally Chronic conditions are scheduled once per week
Acute conditions are scheduled 1-2 times per week.
How soon will I notice improvement?
The positive effects from the shiatsu may begin during the treatment, several hours afterwards, or the day after.
The amount of noticeable change may range from dramatic to subtle. Patients will typically notice some positive change within three treatments.
Initially, the positive changes may fade and the symptoms may recur.
As additional treatments are received, positive changes will become more noticeable and will last for increasingly longer periods of time.

There are limited number of concessionary places for dancers, students, and performing artists

Fees  £75 at your home,office or venue.

Block booking discounts are available.

Full 48 hours notice of cancellation is required or the full session fee will be charged




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