“I get shiatsu treatment from Ismail every two weeks and always feel rejuvenated after a session. Ismail uses a holistic approach that incorporates knowledge from ranging from ancient health practices to the latest healing techniques.
He is amazing!” Etan Ilfeld (owner of Watkins Books) 
“Regular treatment from Ismail has made a major difference to my health and well-being.
 I find that I have more energy for days after each treatment.” Mark Mordin”
I have had the privilege of working with Ismail Mazzara over the last 20 years.In my capacity as a fully qualified doctor specialising in Complementary Medicine I have to be strict for both ethical as well as legal reasons about who I refer patients to.Over these past two decades I have had nothing but positive feedback from patients which has encouraged me, wherever possible, to refer patients to Ismail for his unique brand of healing combining Shiatsu,Reiki, acupuncture and hands-on healing techniques. “
Dr.Rajendra Sharma -former Medical Director The Hale Clinic London

“Ismail had me running faster than I had in 8 years!

The stretch you gave me, along with the shiatsu,helped propel me forward in the London, Marathon 2007.It was the fastest I’ve run in the 8 years after my knee surgery.

That marathon was one week after I ran the 2007 Paris marathon(19 minutes and 59 seconds slower).I can go on and on about the value you provide .

Along with your mindful and soulful approach to healing , preparing and strengthening the body of ‘this’ client.

When do you come to the US to work on my clients,and me too??? Thanks again!”Joel Matalon  NY ChiRunners’ Club  

“I work as a health professional .I have known Ismail Mazzara since 1988.Over the years Ismail has treated me for various musculoskeletal conditions.There have also been benefits in well being as a result of treatment that go beyond the purely physical.I can only comment from my own personal experience of Shiatsu.

I remember my first treatment well, I felt very “different” afterward, as the effects of the massage were felt, quite exhilarated, but not excessively so.Some hours later the secondary benefit of increased calm was felt.”

My personal experience of Ismail’s treatment has been positive and beneficial to me and I trust him as a friend and therapist.I can recommend him as a Shiatsu practitioner unreservedly.”Charlie Lineham Registered Nurse  Occupational Health Adviser

“I have been receiving effective treatments in Shiatsu and acupuncture from Ismail Mazzara for nearly 20 years, and have experienced his treatments profoundly resolve a myriad of ailments.

His knowledge and experience as a world class healer, enables me without hesitation to continue recommending him to my friends and colleagues, who have been seeking the path to wellness. Stefan Ashton Frank

ismail has the gift of healing. He has in depth knowledge of various massage techniques, shiatsu in particular, and expertly applies his knowledge according to the needs of the client.” Elif Sallorenzo

“I hired Ismail as a massage therapist in 1998 , and hired Ismail more than once“Ismail has worked wonders on my back, shoulders and neck for years now and I can thoroughly recommend him to anyone. We have also recommended him to our clients without any hesitation. He’s great!” February 18, 2009Top qualities: Great Results , Personable , Expert Andrea Osborne – Cushion the Impact
“Ismail Mazzara has the fabled “Magic Touch.” His understanding of the physical connection to the emotional is profound. He has taught me that sometimes a backache is more than a backache. But most importantly, he has helped me to make the pain and the stress go away.” Crista Cloutier http://www.cristacrista.com/:

“Ismail is a learned, expert and talented shiatsu therapist and acupuncture practitioner. his work is thorough, diligent , honest and brings amazing results. His prices are reasonable and excellent value. I have recommended him to several colleagues, all had positive results. Ismail always goes the extra mile.” Karin Elkorchi

I met Ismail when I was going through a difficult period in my life and he helped me heal on so many different levels.  Inspired by his magic, I went on to study shiatsu myself, graduating three years later.  I have encountered many shiatsu practitioners since then, but few with quite so much power, integrity and empathy.”Janet Lee, Solicitor

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